Friday, August 6, 2010

Save the date!

It looks like Saturday, September 18th, will be the date of Kenny's memorial tribute ride, which will run from Springfield down to Mt. Olive, IL. The exact time and starting point is yet to be determined, but we wanted to give you the heads-up on the date, so that you can start making your own plans.

The intention is to meet up in Springfield, do a drive-by Ken's mom's house by the Springfield Airport, and then past Ken's shop, Grman's Motorcycle Service, on Browning Road, (right there by the airport), and then up to 5th Street, and then south, on out of town on Interstate 55. When we arrive in Mt. Olive, we will meet at Ken's grave site in Calgary Cemetery, maybe have someone say a few words, and then from there we will head into town, to Hurley's Banquet Center and Hurley's Tavern on Main Street, where we'll be roasting a pig, right there in the parking lot between the banquet center and the tavern. The rest of the details will be coming, soon. ...Also, we're planning on Saturday, September 25th, as the alternate date, in case the 18th is rained out.

Many thanks to everyone, for your calls and ideas for this tribute ride. Keep them coming. Ideas for advertising the event, ideas for things to do at the event, ideas for tribute and memorial items, anything you can think of. Again, I can be reached at 608-358-4418, or email me at And, of course, post a comment directly to this blog if you'd like, so that your ideas can be shared with everyone here.

Kenny would be truly touched, and I can just hear him saying "I can't believe you're going to this much trouble on my account!" I don't think Ken ever fully realized just how appreciated and loved he truly was... no matter how often we tried to tell him. Kenny was our one-of-kind Springfield son.

Thanks so much,
(Ken's sister)


  1. Thanks for the update Laura! I personally don't have a printer that would print fliers but, if someone does and can print some please call me and I will put them up at various locations around town. Call me at 217-638-3258 Thanks,Frank.

  2. Thanks Frank! We are having some fliers made, and when they're ready, I'll call you. It'll be a couple of days, or so.

    Going around town and putting the fliers up is a lot of work, and your offer is greatly appreciated!