Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hi everyone,

Here's the latest news on Ken:
His last set of scans, taken on May 28th, showed no real change since the last set, which were taken before the 3-weeks of chemo treatments, (1 week of chemo followed by 2 weeks off, x 3), and that's all the more specific the oncologist would get about it. However, some additional problems have emerged:

1. They found that Ken's spine had 'chipped' at L-3
We think this might have been caused by a fall that Ken took one day, when he lost his balance and kind of fell partly into the corner where the fridge meets the wall, and then to the floor. However, he went to the doctor the day after this happened, and the x-rays showed that nothing was broken. It could be a case of the fall causing a hairline fracture, which normal activity aggravated until it finally broke off. It's hard to say....

2. They found some fluid in one of Ken's lungs
They pulled this fluid out on Tuesday, and are having it tested. They want to make sure that there are no cancer cells in the fluid. If there are, it will change the 'recipe' for the next chemo treatment. They should have the results of this test by early next week, 6-15-2010, or so.
Ken may have accumulated fluid in his lung due to too much inactivity. Also, he had Pluracy back when he was 19 years old, and it could be that his lungs are just more susceptible to fluid accumulating, as a result.

Other than all of this, he has been eating well, and enjoying hanging out and watching movies, though he's still sleeping a lot. Just one other problem, in that the last couple of days his back has started hurting him... (it never did, before), so, he's going back to the doctor, tomorrow, (Friday the 11th), to have this checked. It could be that he just strained it, with all the recent travel and moving around for the last couple of doctor appointments, x-rays and other procedures, and such. But, since we know there is a fracture that has occurred at L-3, (part of the vertebrae actually chipped off), it's important to monitor this closely.

After the test results come back on the fluid they pulled from his lung on Tuesday, Ken will get his new treatment plan from the oncologist. It will likely stay on course as originally outlined, which entails another 3-weeks of chemo, (1 week of chemo, followed by 2 weeks off, x 3), but we're not sure when that's going to start.

Thanks to everyone, for your calls and cards. It really cheers Ken up. I hope that soon, by the end of the summer, Ken might be up for a little get-together of some kind, (maybe a little 'customer appreciation' party), so we'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, Ken says "hi" to everyone!

Love to you all,
(Ken's sister)

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