Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello everyone! Long time no talk. ...So sorry about that, but my computer has been down and I really have not had time to sit down and post anything. I do see that Laura has stepped in to make sure you all remained informed. Don't know what I'd do without her.

Well, we've been doing okay around here. Lots of doctors and lots of tests. They found some fluid on his lung and after draining it and testing it, they found that it contained cancer cells. They will make an adjustment in his chemo cocktail to focus on this new development. However, we are going to wait until he is a little stronger and a little fatter before we put him through another round.

He has been experiencing some back pain due to the spots on his spine, so they are going to address this with some radiation on his lower back, starting maybe on Tuesday. In addition to the radiation, he will continue his once monthly Zometa infusion, which is an osteoperosis drug that he began a couple of months ago.

He scored a 100% on his hearing test, so the hearing loss I detected must be of the selective persuasion. I was afraid those nasty chemo drugs had damaged the only ear he has left. But fortunately, I was mistaken.

So far as the tumor in his esophagus is concerned, it is unchanged. It didn't really shrink, but then again, it didn't grow, either. You know me, looking for the bright side, always.

His spirits remain high. Our days are spent quietly conversing about the world that seems to be racing around us. Always on the move to our next appointment or test. It all seems so unreal sometimes. But whatever, we're just along for the ride, so we choose to always enjoy any little thing we can, like snow cones. Kens loves snow cones. He bugs me all winter long about when the snow cone stand is going to open. Well, thank goodness, it's now open! I stop three or four times a week to get him a cherry one, or maybe blue raspberry, and every time, without fail, his face just lights up. Loves those snow cones!

So our plan is to fatten him up again while he is doing his radiation and after he has put on a few pounds we'll start chemo again. In the meantime, we'll enjoy the fact that he doesn't throw up but once a week these days.

I'll try to post in a more timely fashion in the future. Thanks for bearing with me.

Love to all!

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