Monday, July 5, 2010

Hi everyone.

Since my last posting, Ken has had two chest x-rays which have shown no new fluid. They are checking that, once a week. Ken starts radiation tomorrow, on his spine, (where the cancer had also spread), which will hopefully ease his back pain.

We had a bit of a scare, about a week and a half ago, when Ken's blood levels got too low. He received a blood transfusion, which did make him feel better, but not enough to make him want to go out and mow the lawn!

I suspected that Ken's levels had dropped again this weekend, when he was feeling bad enough to go to the hospital via ambulance. However, it was only dehydration. He was ready to go home after only twenty minutes.

Ken has gained five pounds! Five more, and we'll start discussing when to start the additional chemo treatments that Ken's oncologist has recommended. Thank you all, for complying with his wishes for no visitors; visits even with close family take such a toll on him. He thinks of you all, and says not to worry, he'll see you again, soon. As hard as all of this has been on him, he still wants to keep fighting. His attitude isn't always the best, but his perseverance seldom wavers.

I hope you all had a good 4th. I'll get back to you as soon as I am able.

Love to all.

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