Friday, September 24, 2010

Memorial T-Shirt, Patch and Shop Towel

Here is a picture of Kenny's memorial t-shirt, memorial patch and shop towel. (Ordering information is available on the previous post.)

The picture on this t-shirt is a custom design, which Inga, Debbie and I created, and which was realized through the talent of Miranda Osborn, graphic designer. The missing-man rider, (the bike with no one riding it), the train, (because Kenny loved trains), the corn, (because this is the Midwest!), and the F5's in the distance, flying in "missing man" formation, (for all the years that these jets flew over Ken's shop, going to and from the airbase that was just up the street at the Springfield airport), are all features with special meaning for us, and our memory of Kenny.

Special thanks to Jodell at Embroidery Professionals in Deerfield, WI, for doing all of the heat transfer work for these t-shirts, and having them ready in time for the ride! She will be filling future orders for us, as well, since so many people fell in love with the color version. There is no deadline for ordering, as orders will be placed weekly, for as long as people want the shirt.

The memorial patch is from "TropiCool Accents" in Texas, (made in the U.S.A!), and is fully embroidered, with a one-of-a-kind midnight blue custom-dyed thread for its background. Special thanks to Mike Williams at TropiCool, for creating such a beautiful design, and for his quality workmanship. Kenny would have approved!

The shop towel is the exact towel that Kenny always used at the shop, which so many of you commented on, (how Kenny was always dusting or polishing something as he talked with you), and, in fact, these very towels came from his in-shop supply. They were custom embroidered, by Jodell, at Embroidery Professionals in Deerfield, WI.

We only hope that these items are a fitting tribute to Ken, and that they will help you to hold on to your memories of him, with love and honor.

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