Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank you, riders!!!

Thank you, to everyone who attended last Saturday's "Kenny Grman Memorial Tribute Ride". What an awesome group of people! We're sorry to have missed those of you who were unable to make the ride. Though the morning started out with a few sprinkles in Springfield, the weather was beautiful the further south we rode, down to Mt. Olive, where it was sunny and warm.

The big group photo that was taken at the Springfield airport, (prior to the ride leaving for Mt. Olive), will be embossed with the event info, and then it will be made available to all riders, as well as those folks who missed the event but who still want a copy of the picture. Also, we will have a CD of all pictures from the event, which includes pics from the Springfield airport, where we met up, pics taken during the ride down Interstate 55, pics at the cemetery, and pics from the banquet hall.

The memorial items are available for ordering. Please call or write Laura Grman, (Ken's sister), at either of the following: Cell phone: 608-358-4418 eMail:

T-Shirt $25 (Color or B&W)
Memorial Patch $15
Shop Towel $15

(Cash, Check, Money Order or Credit Card)

Special thanks to Stan Hall and Dave Winkle, for leading the ride. Thank you, also, to the Springfield Airport Authority, for allowing us to use their parking lot and conference room for meet-up and registration.

Kenny would have been really moved at the outpouring of love and kind words from all of his friends and customers. Kenny will always be remembered, and his family will always remember all of you, for the friendship that you have shown and all that you have done. Again, thank you, very very much.

Keep watching the blog, for more info on pictures!

Love to you all,
(Ken's sister)

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