Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12/30/2009 Update on Ken from Inga

Hi guys! I remembered the thing from yesterday. Yesterday morning Ken had an anxiety attack. Hence, the anti-anxiety drug. When you talk to him he is kind of monotone. It's just the drug. He is still giving the nurses a hard time so his spirits aren't always low. And I'll reiterate, 30 min. visits!

They finally weighed him. He GAINED 4 lbs.!!!!! That was good news! We also made progress on the financial matters, and that is a relief, too.

Radiation begins Jan.4. Once a day for 28 days. They took him down for a CT scan so they can line him up for exactly where the radiation will be focused.

They put in a "pick". That is for drawing blood, giving meds, and administering chemo. So they won't have to stick him anymore for IVs. Feeding tube before he goes home, which may be this weekend. They are going to do radiation and chemo and maybe operate in Feb.

I am off on Friday so I may spend the night w/ him tomorrow. I am going to take my laptop and watch some movies and toast to the end of this crappy year. Maybe he can drink his water out of a champagne glass.

Go to , and click on the link "Online Ecards", located on the left margin of that home page, to send Kenny a card and/or a note. The Samaritans at St. John's will print your card and hand deliver it to Kenny's room, #870.

Pray for good results on his PET scan tomorrow. Check in tomorrow. Love to all. -Inga L.

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  1. Thank you, Laura, for setting up this blog. It will be a great vehicle to keep up with what is going on being so far away. Inga-Please let Ken know we are all praying for him. The Kolis-Bowlers