Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update from Inga - Tuesday, 12/29/2009

Hey all. This morning was rocky. Oncologist didn't know whether or not they can operate. They have concerns about his trachea. They found spots on his lungs. Doc said "if you live in Illinois you have spots on your lungs." So to worry or not to worry. That seems to be the question. The cat scan did show a hiatal hernia. He gets a PET scan tomorrow.

Gene and Marcy were both up to see him. He got his first bouquet of flowers, and we got him a little stuffed kitty that looks like Ansel.

He really is insistent about not having visitors, so can we limit visits to 1/2 hour if you must see him. He is still vomiting every now and again and he said he hates puking in public. He has so much to think about, he just wants to think.

I'm glad you Wisconsiners, or is the proper word cheeseheads, are coming home. Your parents could use you around. Matthew and Debbie as well.

I am sure there is more I wanted to tell you but that is about it, for me, today.

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