Thursday, December 31, 2009

12/31/2009 - Updates from Inga

Hey to all you kind generous souls. Thanks to all who have helped in the past week. I am so grateful. I am sure there will be more to do in the future. Thanks for making it so easy to ask for it. Bless you all.

The pet scan showed some spots in his bones- shoulder blade, spine and hips. This is 'metastatic bone cancer', and is not a 'primary site' bone cancer. It is the esophageal cancer which has spread to his bones. It is possible to cure metastatic bone cancer with chemo and radiation. The oncology nurse reviewed Ken's chart, and did not see any mention of liver or lung cancer metastases, as of this afternoon. They ran an MRI this evening to check the spine and brain. We are waiting on the results of that test.

He got another "pick" for TPN feeding, which is a fluid-based feeding that is fortified with nutrients.

This is not the "feeding tube" that he will have during chemo. That will go in next week. Looks like he'll remain in the hospital for the weekend at least.

He started radiation today. Because the tumors in the esophagus are present almost throughout the entire length of the esophagus, they do not want to do surgery, yet, (if at all), because of concerns regarding breaching the trachea. This would make Ken very susceptible to pneumonia, which is a complication we don't need. Recent research results and clinic trial studies on esophageal cancer have indicated that patients have better or equal results without surgery, using chemo and radiation only, as they have with surgery.

Often, radiation and chemo are used to first shrink the tumors, to make them more operable. Ken is currently scheduled for 28 days of radiation and chemo therapy. We'll see where he's at, at that point.

I'm going up tonight for movie night and oh! he got elevated to whole liquids and cream soups, pudding and stuff like that. Whatever he can tolerate. His drink of choice is currently chocolate milk. Maybe even some tomato soup as an entree, tonight! :)

Enjoy your new years eve. Love to all and we'll talk again tomorrow. -Inga


  1. Chocolate milk is the best thing to be drinking on New Year's Eve! A toast to you two tonight - Be strong, Be hopeful, and know that you are loved.

  2. Hello Inga ,Laura,
    Well Laura you turned out to be a very pretty lady despite the many times your brothers and I sent you and Gina sailing through the dining room and crashing into the walls of the Whittier house as girls.....not a mark was made lol
    I talked to Kenny tonight and we had a tough/sad conversation but I was glad to be able to talk to him.
    I am so very very sorry for the turn of events and I wish and will pray for him and all of you through the times to come.....
    Please tell Marcy/Mike/Gina/Gene that I said hi and fondly remember growing up with Grmans and will always remember where I was the night we all watched the landing on the moon....
    I will be in touch and keep an eye on this blog
    God bless and watch you all
    Mark Sand

  3. Hey Mark! You're so funny! Yes, I most definitely remember a few air-born trips through the house on Whittier! I remember your car, too, with that awesome paint job. Was that a GT?
    Anyhow, it's so great that you called Kenny. Inga told me, today, that Ken wanted to apologize to you, for being so emotional. We all need to remember that Ken is malnourished at this point, and that messes up the brain chemistry, and causes depression. We're getting that turned around, now, through the TPN feeding and other medications that have suppressed the vomiting reflex, allowing him to now eat from a soft liquids menu. (Tomato soup, ice cream, pudding, stuff like that...)

    I hope you see this comment, because I don't have your email address. Mike is coming down, tomorrow, and I'll relay your message to him, as well, if he hasn't already read your comment from this blog.

    Thanks so much! It was great to hear from you!