Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking in. I hope all is well on your end of things. It has been crazy around here. For instance, it is 2:30 in the afternoon and I am just sitting down to breakfast.

There is not a lot going on, however, with Ken. He sleeps a lot. I am reminded of Forrest Gump talking about his Jenny and how she "slept and slept like she hadn't slept in a hunded ye-uhs". When he's not sleeping, he's watching movies, playing with the cat, and he's even been out to the shop a few times.

His mechanics, Walt and Roy, were allowed by him to visist Saturday, while I attended my dear friend's wedding. He was pretty worn out afterward and requested no more visitors. So his recovery is going rather slow, but that is to be expected. A friend said that for every one week in the hospital it takes three weeks to recover from it. So that puts Ken at 21 weeks, and were only 4 weeks into it. So we pray for patience.

Some good news, though! Ken has officially gained 10 lbs. since he has been home. 155!! So all that heavy cream and extra butter are doing their jobs. Problem is, is that when he doesn't eat something, I usually end up eating it. Not good for my girly figure.

Oh well! Whatever it takes. I love you all. And I will try to find time this week to address you all again.
Bye for now! Inga.

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