Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello all! I found a few minutes to post and let you all know that Ken is doing really great. I have been so busy because he has been requesting so much food. What sounds good to him doesn't always work so well, so many attempted meals are discarded after only a few bites and another meal is tried.

His blood levels have been a little low in the past few weeks but have come up in the most recent days. We have some scans next week so we should know soon whether or not the chemo and radiation worked and how well. So keep them prayers comin'!

There are some rumors floating around town that Ken has taken a turn for the worse, so please put a damper on those if you hear them. He is getting stronger every day. We have had a couple milestones as well. He has been playing with the cat for the first time since he has been home. It may not sound like a milestone to you, but I considered as such. Anything that he does that is considered normal activity for him, I celebrate, for it has been three months since he has had any normalcy.

He is still sleeping a lot, but that is nothing new for him. He has always enjoyed sleep. Just like me:)

We'll talk soon. Until then......Inga

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