Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the rain. I find it a very suitable back drop for the Harry Potter marathon weekend they're showing on cable. When I give Ken his nightly meds, I call it "my potions final". Some I have to dilute, some with water, some with bacteriostatic sodium chloride.(Certainly don't want to mix those two up)

Tomorrow we go in for chemo (#1 of six). We start at the hospital with an infusion that should last a couple of hours, then on to Springfield Clinic to have a pump hooked up that we will take home where it will run until Friday. They are talking like he will have one week of chemo then two weeks off. And, they will do that for six rounds with scans every third round.

His weight is holding steady at 155 lbs. and I am a little concerned about what this week will bring. He has really been trying hard to eat more, but some days food just doesn't work. He hasn't been throwing up very much in the past week, but as we decrease his morphine patch, I think he is having a bit of withdrawal side effects. He has been drinking a lot more water, because he is still trying to pass that kidney stone.

All in all, things are going pretty well, however slowly. Good days and bad. But the bad are fewer in number than I expected at this stage. But, now it's on to the next stage-Chemo. Serious Chemo. Those tumors are about to get a Serious butt-kicking.

Thank you all for checking in. I'll write more, soon.


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  1. Sending out extra prayers to God for Ken this week. Good luck!