Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hey all. I am terribly sorry it has been so long since my last posting. Having Kenny home takes a lot of my time. All of my spare time has been devoted to sleeping and staring at the television trying to def-rag. We're still doing IV meds, but the frequency at which they are being administered is beginning to slow. He is getting better every day. Since his first drink of water on the 14th, he has been trying and succeeding at eating all kinds of things. Lettuce and dressing (Ken's PLAIN salad), milkshakes, even an ounce or so of fillet mignon that his brother brought him. He is really diggin' the Andes mints his mom brought over a few days ago. The best part is that it is all staying down. We have even let up a bit on his tube feedings.

Now that he is a little better, I actually got to go out with my girlfriends for a few hours Saturday night. It was nice to just get away and get a change of scenery. Not to mention conversation that was void of any medical lingo.

My next step is to get Ken up and around. He went out to the shop yesterday to do a few things, but was only able to stay out there for a half hour or so. He is still very weak.

Other than that, there is not much going on. We have more family coming in this weekend and Ken's sister, Laura, is here now. So there are lots of people around to help him get back on his feet.

Thanks so much for checking on him and I will try to post again soon. Love to you all. Inga


  1. Hey Inga & Ken if you need anything done @ shop or home just call me.also let me know when i can come visit WALT

  2. Hi Walt,
    This is Ken's sister, Laura, and I just wanted to say "thank you", so much, for your kindness and your positive encouraging words and gestures! It's all so greatly appreciated. Ken's making great progress, and I hope he'll be up for visitors, very soon. Inga will keep you posted. Thanks again, very much!