Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hey all!! Today's update begins with Ken's "new and improved" feeding tube. On his fifth and hopefully final trip down to radiology, he received a REAL G-J tube, feeding tube. And finally the story comes out why his last tube was such a monkey-rig. Apparently it was explained to Ken but in his fuzzy condition, he must have forgotten. The reason they didn't do before what they did today was because he wasn't healed enough, inside, from the original "installation". So now all the extensions and add-ons have vanished and he has a bright shiny simple tube that should work just fine. I certainly hope so because I really need that thing to work when he is sent home.

Day two of chemo.....throwing up a rainbow of things. Poor guy. I think his favorite nurse, "my Kara" is on tomorrow. I have asked the nurse manager to assign her to Ken, but I don't know if that's possible. It sure would be great, though. I know I sleep better when Kara is Ken's night nurse, because I know she helps Ken to sleep easier.

Well, I think he looks really cute bald, and he seems to be taking to losing his hair quite well. I am running out of time on getting the house ready for his arrival, so I am going to cut it short tonight and get to work in other areas. So goodnight to you all and I hope all is well out there. I love you all, Inga

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