Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good news all-chemo is over!!! Now all we have is radiation until Friday. A week from now this will all be but a memory. Ken will be home doing some real healing. Sleeping soundly for a change. And be coming out of this putrid hole of poison and vomit and back into the land of sunshine and lollypops.

We are preparing now for his return and he is really looking forward to his home that he loves so much. Mike brought him a STACK of Lone Ranger and John Wayne and others. Thanks Michael, really appreciate it. Really. It's all I could ever ask for.......Well, at least Ken will enjoy them. Thank goodness we have more than one TV.

Ken has been away from his home for a long time and I ask sincerely for your patience in his want for visitors.
He has a lot of healing yet to do and I don't know when he'll be up to socializing. Please remember,too what a social butterfly he is (not) even when he is healthy. All will come in due course; unfortunately it takes a lot of time.

I love you all. Thanks for checking in. -Inga

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  1. Here's to the land of sunshine and lollipops! :) We are, and will continue, to pray for his recovery.