Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well, home is so nice. A lot of work but so much better than being at the hospital. Everyone is concerned about how I am doing and I have come to equate this home health stuff to just another one of Kenny's projects. Any time he starts a new project he dives in full force and doesn't slow until it's finished. I am tired, but no more than any other time I have been by his side when he has decided to do something. If I wasn't going to the hospital three times a day, it would be the hardware store three or four or TWENTY times a day! Granted, it is not over yet, but I feel very fortunate so far.

Ken has been sleeping, mostly. We've only had one vomiting session, since he's been home, so that's good. He goes out once a day for radiation, but this ends, at the end of this week. It's too bad that it's so cold.

Ansel has not left the foot of Ken's bed. Every time I look over, Ansel is sleeping, and always touching Ken in some way. Ken kicked him a little last night while he was sleeping, and his leg actually landed on top of Ansel's head! Ansel griped a little, but didn't run off. I was surprised. He just moved his head and laid it back on Ken's ankle and went back to sleep. Such a good boy:)

Check in with you all soon. Love to all. Inga

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