Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello all! Things have been quiet around here for the past couple of days. Very little throwing up and a lot of sleeping. Good combo if you ask me.

We had a visit with Ken's oncologist on Tuesday. Nothing exciting. Checked his throat, asked how things were going at home, took blood, etc. Ken was hoping to learn something new, but that wasn't the purpose of this visit. The follow-up tests, to determine the benefits of the chemo and radiation, will come the first week of March. We're expecting a CT scan and bone scans.

The lady from the physical therapy department of the home health division came out to evaluate how well Ken was getting around. When he "popped" out of bed, she quickly realized her services were no longer needed! Mark that one off of the list.

I am hoping this week will see a lot of healing for Ken's esophagus. He seems to do better each day. He ate a few things today, and it has all stayed down. So, I hope to see a lot more of that in the coming days. Once we get a few pounds on him, he'll be able to chuck that feeding tube. That's one of our goals. Fatten him up!!! Well, fatter than he currently is. A fat Kenny Grman-yeah right.

Talk to you all soon. I love you all. Inga

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