Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hey all,

Sorry it has been a few days since my last posting, but so much has been happening, I've just been too busy. Ken came home yesterday (Monday) and we are settling in. Home health nurses, feeding tubes, and IVs. We're still trying to find our groove, but we're getting there. I am happy to report that Ken has not thrown up since we've been home, so YEAH!!

Ken is very ambitious about trying to eat. He had some Rice Krispies today, and it stayed down!! I couldn't believe it. He also tried some chicken noodle soup, but the flavor was off. He enjoyed a popsicle this evening. He just wants to quit the drugs and have a big steak and tell those tumors how it's gonna be. I told him he could quit any drugs that he wanted to quit, except the one that will keep the steak down. We wouldn't want to waste the steak he's been so looking forward to.

All this snow has been a nightmare. Today, on the way to radiation, I locked us out of the truck with the engine running! Poor Ken hates to be cold and I made him stand out in blowing snow with thirty mile an hour winds while I scrambled to get the spare key. I was so mad at myself. The hardest part about all this is trying not to beat myself up for being SO STUPID!!!!! But tomorrow is another day and it WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN.

Ansel was so great when we came home last night. Ken sat on the bed, and not a minute later Ansel jumped up on the bed and put his front paws on Ken's thigh, and laid down and just purred! Such a sweet boy!
(It was a much better meeting than the one when I brought him up to the hospital.) Last night is also the first night that Ansel didn't sleep with me; he spent most of the night at the foot of Ken's hospital bed. That cat came into our life at the perfect time. The whole family is just so in love with the little fur ball. He provides such comfort to us all.

Well, it's getting late, and I have meds yet to give, so we'll talk again in the next couple of days. Thanks, and love to you all. I hope all is well with everyone out there. Be comforted that all is well here.


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