Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hey everyone. I'm sorry I haven't posted for awhile. Things have been busy around here.
Now that Spring has sprung the chores have increased a little. It is so nice to be outside, though. It almost doesn't seem like work. All the hard stuff is being taken care of by Ken's uncle Chuck, whom we greatly appreciate. Keeping up with Ken's perfectionist nature is no easy task, but I think the place looks pretty nice, so far.

Ken is in his third week off, in his three week cycle after that last week of chemo, and is still feeling rotten, so he has decided to hold off for another week and see if he feels better before starting the third chemo treatment. Apparently, it doesn't hurt anything to do so. I am hoping he'll start to feel better soon.

Ken's sister Gina was down this past weekend with her family. It was really great to see everyone. The kids and I tried to play down by the creek, but it was too wet and we were not prepared. The kids had on flip-flops and we didn't have any tools with which to catch critters, so we are planning for their next trip with great anticipation.

I wish I had more to tell you on Ken, but what can I say? Vomit, sleep, repeat. Poor guy. But he is still trying to eat, to drink lots of water, and to avoid going to that awful place called the hospital.

Thanks so much for checking in. Everything is running pretty smoothly here; I hope the same is true on your end.

Love to you all,

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