Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather! Almost a little too hot for me today. Almost. Ken didn't think so-he decided after his blood transfusion this morning he was going to mow the grass!!!!! They said he would feel better afterward, but my goodness! I tried every way from Sunday to get him to let Matthew do it when he got home from school, but to no avail. There was no stopping him. Just goes to show you; you can't come between a man and his John Deere. Matthew did all the push mowing, so all Ken had to do was ride. But he did the whole yard start to finish, including airing up the tires on the mower and fixing a light on the street sign. I was surprised he did so well. He was quite tired afterward and is now sleeping like a baby :)

After his spell last week, where his blood pressure dropped to 60/40, they have been monitoring him closely. After a little hydration and the transfusion today, he should be feeling better in the coming days. I'll let you know.

His brother is making the trek down from Wisconsin this weekend as well as his sister Laura so hopefully he will feel well enough to visit with them. I don't know how long this “blood high” will last. We'll see.

Thanks for checking in,



  1. Hi Inga, Glad to hear of the improvement. I hope Easter was a happy one. It sound like Ken is showing us all what true grit really is, no offense to Rooster Cogburn :). Tell Ken I am thinking of him and hope to be able to visit soon.

  2. Hey Da!
    Happy Easter to you and Ken. Sorry I haven't commented lately, but life at our household is never easy, either, it seems. Katelyn has come down with Mono, and we had a pretty exciting Easter evening with our carbon monoxide detector going off, and the firemen coming to test our house and occupants. And of course, WHO has the elevated level of poisoning? Yes, Katelyn. So now I have been without a stove/oven for three days, and I am about to run out of the house screaming with frustration. But on the bright side, we are all alive! I am glad that Ken got out in the sunshine and fresh air. He alone will have to figure out his limits (as I have learned with Kate). You can preach until the sun goes down, but they will still have to learn this for themselves....Love to you both!