Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello again...long time no talk to:) Thanks for checking in. I have become Ken's new drug czar. We have had great success with formula 'el Inga. We have gone all day without throwing up. We have plans written for the nurse coming on tonight and I will be calling every four hours just to make sure. Nothing is slipping by me this evening.

Other than that, we had family in from up North. Sunshine all day. Great food for dinner and from my brother in Chicago, a gourmet cupcake with a mystery filling inside. It all makes for a pretty good day. Tomorrow should go just as well, I hope. Chemo starts again on Monday. They are expecting this round to be more difficult for him to tolerate. But, with any luck, they will be wrong.....

We may be shaving his head this weekend, too. Thanks to everyone for providing such a wonderful collection of hats for him to choose from. He now owns more than I do. Which will, of course, have to be remedied shortly.

Good night everybody. I hope all is well with you. Inga

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