Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed those six hours of sunshine today. I sure did. Ken had a pretty good day. He said he actually felt like getting cleaned up and going for a drive. However, an hour later he was asleep. But to actually say that today means this is the best day we have had since before Christmas. Of course the sun was shining.

Not a lot going on other than radiation, blood draws and drug administration. After having a break from radiation last week, his voice was best this morning; he sounded like himself. It seemed a little rougher this evening.

Since the nurse lady knew we liked cats, she pops her head in and asks if we would like to meet Bozo, the 170 lb. great dane!!! Totally black and looking down on me as I sit in the chair. This dog is absolutely magnificent!! I remember one from my childhood because again, I was looking up at it, and you would think that would have scarred me for life, but the calm demeanor of this dog was palpable. I pet him briefly, while backing out of the way for the dog to get to Ken. This dog knew who the patient was and knew what his job was. He allowed himself to be petted and then laid on the floor, just as comfortable as could be. Even lying on the floor, this dog was impressingly huge. Apparently, he and his owner are permanent volunteers. The longer we stay, the more we learn about this hospital. You can even have a harpist come in and play for you! Crazy, huh?

Another good thing today was his favorite nurse from the 8th floor came to visit. You may remember her from the earlier posts-Ken refers to her as "my Kara". I thought it was so sweet for her to come to visit. I almost went back to the 8th and suggest that exact thing to her, but I didn't. That just shows you what a great nurse she is. I knew leaving him in her care, I could depend on her to make sure he would have a calm, restful night, and be puke free. And the best part, Ken knew it, too. Ken admires people who strive for excellence, and she is excellent. She was of great comfort to him in a very trying part of his life. God bless "my Kara".

Goodnight, everyone!

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