Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7th, 2010 (Thursday night) Update from Inga

Hello Kenny Grman fans. I am happy to report that we made three laps around the floor tonight. 1/3 of a mile!

Had a little miscommunication with the nurses this morning, and Ken was without his pain meds for about seven hours. He has to ask for them!!!! He thought they were taking care of it. Poor guy. :( We got a schedule going and they are supposed to stay on it. I'll be checking in tomorrow morning. His Kara is there tonight so he should be able to sleep at least. She takes great care of him. God bless her.

He had a bad case of hiccups which was quite painful for awhile. Then a "hospitalist" came in and said they were going to send him home tomorrow!!!! Obviously he didn't look at Ken's chart to see that he was still ON CHEMO!!!! (Duh.) I may have to fire another doctor. He had Ken quite upset.

I know so many of you have a very strong desire to see him, but even his close family is holding back from visiting. It is just too risky. When he is better you can all come to see him at his shop, the way it should be.

Thanks so much for checking in, and we'll talk again tomorrow night. Love you all. Inga

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  1. This is why I spent every day with Katelyn at the hospital. You definitely need someone watching (we are all only human after all..), so mistakes are bound to be made (even at the best of hospitals). Check, double check, ask questions. It is exhausting, but it is always good to have another person checking for you. Tell Ken we all said hello! Love you.