Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8th, 2010 (Friday night) Update from Inga

Hi all. Not much to report tonight. Ken wrote out some bills while I tried to read. He didn't feel much like walking. We were able to get a movie cart, though. So after taking care of all the daily business, we watched one of our favorite dumb movies "Joe vs. the Volcano".

He was a little grumpy, or maybe that was me. Looks like they may try to send him home next week sometime, if everything goes to plan. Seems a little scary seeing as how the side-effects of the chemo are most likely right around the corner. It should be safer for him, though, considering the hospital is crawling with germs and disease. He may also be able to get some sleep, which is always good.

I would imagine the weekend is going to be pretty quiet. But I'll be checking in anyway. Talk to y'all then. Love always-Inga

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  1. We will pray that he will be part of the few that have less serious side effects. *hugs*