Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11th, 2010 (Monday) Update from Laura

Hi all,

Just a quick update, to let you all know that Ken spent most of the weekend dealing with the pain of the G-tube, (the external feeding tube directly into the stomach), and the beginnings of the nausea caused by the chemo. So, overall, it was not a very fun weekend for him, and he was 'out of it', for most of it. Ken's brother and his wife, their son (Ken's nephew) and his wife, came to visit for the weekend. His brother bought him a dozen or more Western movie DVDs, which are Ken's favorite. The hospital provides a TV with a DVD player, which is shared across the ward, so that's nice.

Today, Monday, they have given up on the G-tube into the stomach, as the food is not moving into the intestine as it should, (which is the normal digestive process, but sometimes narcotics can cause what is called 'gastroparesis', and the stomach won't contract as it should, and move the food on into the intestine), so they are taking Ken into surgery to insert a tube into the G-tube and run it further along into the intestine, directly. This is supposedly a less invasive surgery, so it shouldn't take as long as the first one. Ken has gained seven pounds since he went into the hospital, and they want to keep this going. Good nutrition is important for his immune system, his physical strength and his overall frame of mind.

That's all, for now. I'm sure Inga will have more for us, this evening.

Thank you, so much, for caring,

Laura (Ken's sister)

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  1. Just wanted to say hello Kenny & Inga. Kenny keep strong u you are a fighter and will win this fight. we pray to God that he will remove this from your body
    Walt s daddy o
    P.S Walt says hello & get well soon. wont be long we will be back in the shop working like this never happen. If u or Inga need anything,& we mean anything we here 4 you guys

    The Bartons