Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 1st, 2010 (Friday evening) Update from Inga

Hey all. Not much happened today. No new orders from the doctors. Hopefully he is getting some sleep.

I walked in and got settled. Marcy, Gene, and Deb were visiting. I told him I brought some chicken soup and some tea and that Marcy had brought a frosty, so he had a whole menu to choose from and he says "no tomato soup?" If he wasn't already in a hospital bed I would have put him in one.

So later of course, I brought tomato. He gave it a good go, but didn't eat as much as I had hoped. He did have some tea, and I talked to him late tonight and he said he had a whole chocolate milk, and it went down pretty good. So on top of his TPN he is eating better than he ever has in his whole entire life. lol

That's all folks. LOVE to all. Inga

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