Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18th, 2010 (Monday) Update from Inga

Well, we finally got a good day. Ken has had two successful feedings, (the j-tube feeding that runs all night), and a good night's sleep. So his spirits were much better today. Tomorrow should be even better.

Not only did he have a tube feeding, but he also had a chocolate milk, a little bit of mashed potatoes and gravy, and a touch of ice cream for dessert!! They are using a Dramamine patch, not for motion sickness, but for its side effect of dry mouth. This decreases the saliva build-up in his throat, which thus decreases the gag-reflux throwing-up that he has been suffering with for months. In fact, this has decreased dramatically over the past 36 hours. That little half inch patch, placed behind his ear, allows him to actually eat a little bit, and keep it down. We also broke our hospital ward lap record. We walked FOUR laps around the hospital. The nurses are now telling us 8 laps is a mile, not 9. So, we did a quarter mile- how's that for progress?

Ken's sister Gina was here this weekend with her family. The kids brought their doctor's bags, but were unable to assess the patient. Ken wasn't up to having little visitors, but was deeply moved by eight year-old Halle's hand-made card. She had the wonderful intuition of writing a card full of jokes, such as "Why is Rudolph's nose red?"-"Because Vixen punched him." Brilliant. Thank you, Halle, for being so sweet.

And, thanks again, to all of you for your kind words and prayers. I think they are working. Today was a good day! Good day. ahhh... good night. Inga

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  1. Hi!, I finally figure out how to sign up/in. I have been following, and am happy to hear that the feeding tube is finally working properly. You girls are doing a great job. Ken is very lucky for to have such a great team.

    I assume he reads this? So hello to you Kenny, I am sorry for the hell you are going thru. I hope it helps to know we are out here pulling for you, and that we expect top quality work from you, as always! My thoughts are with you, along with my prayers for your rapid recovery.

    Mike B