Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6th, 2010 (Wednesday night) Update from Inga

Hi all! Ken got his feeding tube today. He was in surgery for two hours! The pain was quite intense post-surgery and he has begun pain medication. Pray that he can get some sleep.

There was no radiation today, but the chemo is continuing until Friday night. No food today, but he will start his tube feeding tonight. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well. His favorite nurse Kara is on duty tonight. He calls her "my Kara". So I feel better that she will be there. He is always comforted by "his Kara".

Thank you all for the well-wishes. It's so nice to hear from you all. It helps to focus on something other than chemo and radiation side-effects.

I'll have more for you tomorrow. Lots of love. -Inga

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  1. "Lifted up" Kenny in prayer at bell choir practice last night. *hugs*